Sunday, 31 July 2011

Bhakti (devotional bhakti and Divine bhakti)

Bhakti is the recognition of our sweet relationship with Krishn. It directly relates to God Krishn Who is beyond maya. That is why bhakti is called nirgun. It is very simple to understand that God realization or the Grace of God is absolute, and there cannot be absolute or unlimited quantity of continuous sattvic actions with no negativity. There is only one way. Just ask Him with full 100% faith in Him and He will bestow His Grace upon you. This faith, love, remembrance, asking and humbleness is called bhakti.
When you have faith in someone, you begin to like him. When you like him more, you begin to love him. When you love him, you like to serve him. When you serve him you become humble and like to be near him, and all that ends up into deep affinity. A true affinity has no demands and no requisites. There is only one desire to love him and to serve him and to make him happy, because you feel happy in his happiness. Such feelings for Radha Krishn is bhakti.

Krishn says that whatever is the outcome of all kinds of devotional asceticism and selfless Vedic rituals, the outcome of yogic practices, the outcome of sattvic charity and social work, the outcome of any kind and any amount of religious practice, or any kind of good work or Godly work (dharm) whatever it could be, is all received throughbhakti. He further says that the sattvic virtues like, renunciation, detachment from worldly attractions and attachments, and practical knowledge of soul’s eternal relationship with Krishn (gyan, vairagya) etc., are all the natural outcome of bhakti.
Ved Vyas says that a Krishn devotee receives things which are beyond imagination. The devotee experiences the ever-increasing and ever-new love of Radha Krishn, experiences Their close proximity, experiences Radha Krishn’s personal love, and desires to serve Their bhaktas of Golok and Vrindaban abode. This is called rag, Radha Krishn love, Divine love, ras, or Vrindaban Bliss. This is also received through bhakti.

It is beyond imagination that Krishn could become a personal friend of yours in Divine Golok and behave like an obedient friend. It is also beyond imagination that His relational closeness could be experienced in such an absolute proximity in the heart where it is hard to find the demarcation line between you and Krishn, Whose fraternal love, in that absolute proximity, is increasing and increasing every moment, and will keep on increasing the same way forever, and you will be experiencing all of that in your heart and with every pore of your body, and your absolute experiencing ability will also absolutely increase to experience the ever-increasing, ever-new, ever-charming, and ever-exciting beauty, sweetness, charm, love, excitement and relational friendliness of your Divine beloved Krishn, and your Krishn remains with you all the time and desires to serve you by giving you His limitless love, affection, caring and protection all the time, forever.
Every aspect of such a love is beyond imagination. But that is not the end of it. In all respects, it limitlessly further deepens, sweetens, and enriches up to the maternal relationship like Mother Yashoda, and then up to the Gopis’ relationship. Furthermore, there are many classes of Gopis in Divine Vrindaban who are closer and closer to Radha, the Queen of Vrindaban, Who is the ‘life’ of Krishn. You can become one of these associates and live with Radha Krishn in Golok or Divine Vrindaban forever, only through bhakti. Carefully read these lines over and over again and you will find that your mind has accepted and understood the greatness, the sweetness and the simplicity of bhakti, and your heart is now desiring the love of Radha Krishn...

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