Wednesday, 7 September 2011


You should practice uttering the name of Radha with each and every breath without even the mala. You should not speak unnecessarily, not with mother not with father not with husband or wife - not with anyone. Speak whatever is absolutely necessary. Practice speaking little. Speak sweetly. And increase your tolerance even if someone speaks harshly to you, it may be your mother or father or son.

Naturally you must learn to tolerate someone who is older than you scolding you but you are really courageous if you learn to tolerate a younger person scolding you. Then only that person is a real sadhak. If you learn to do this then your sadhana will progress very fast. Don't speak any words that may hurt the feelings of even a servant, use your tongue very sparingly, very carefully.

God lives within each and every being, God says "if you wish to become a devotee then practice seeing God in each and every person, do not speak harshly to anyone, do not make him/her unhappy". Scriptures say that there is no greater sin than hurting someone else's feelings. Speak little, speak sweetly and increase your tolerance, increase your humility increase your sweetness. When you do this then the sadhana that you are doing; the devotion that you are practicing, will be saved up, it will not be destroyed.

You see the sadhana that you do is disturbed by anger, greed, lust, pride and envy. Consequently the sadhak returns to where he was before, he is not able to add to his sadhana. So you may earn a little bit, you may earn only 10,000 rupees but if you save enough you will accumulate a lot of wealth.

Imagine that you are earning 10,000 and you are spending 15,000 - what use is that earning. Even a fool knows that to practice devotion is to accumulate wealth, you have to be careful to preserve the sadhana that you are doing.

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