Sunday, 6 April 2014

"Desires" - Which ones are condemnable and which ones are worth adopting?

All material desires right up to the abode of Brahma and even the desire for moksh (liberation) are condemnable and all desires relating to Shree Krishna, for the sake of our happiness, are neither condemnable nor adorable.

All desires relating to Shree Krishna purely for his happiness are praiseworthy and should be embraced.  The nature of devotion is that all desires for our own happiness are to be completely discarded.

It is in our nature to make ever new desires by constantly thinking and imagining that there is happiness in the material world.  This nature of ours will continue to torment us until we reach the last stage of God-realization.  At that level, it will become your very nature to love Shree Krishna wholeheartedly.  In fact you will not be able to survive without loving him.  Even a moment of forgetfulness will torment and suffocate you.  Therefore, the aim of all our desires should be to love and serve Shree Krishna solely for his happiness.

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  1. Yes... its true... we should aim our desires to love and serve Shree Krishna...