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Tridha Bhakti - The Threefold Devotion Explained by Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj


Tridha Bhakti - The Threefold Devotion


The threefold devotion is also called ‘tridha bhakti’ and it is because of its power that people engage in devotion day and night and experience the bliss of God.  Chanting, hearing and remembering the Names, Forms, Virtues and Leelas (pastimes) of God is the simplest and most powerful form of devotion in Kaliyug. Engaging in this threefold devotion cleanses the mirror of the heart and extinguishes the blazing fire of material existence.  This form of devotion is extremely sweet because it helps us to easily attach our mind to God.  We can chant the names of God, sing His glories, contemplate on His beautiful form for hours and hours.  On the other hand if we are asked to sit in a yagya, we get distracted in no time as we are unable to understand the mantras that the pundit recites.  But if we have to sing the beautiful kirtans of God or listen to a spiritual lecture by a God-realized Saint we will feel the inspiration to engage in it much longer.

As one engages in this threefold devotion, there is however an important point to keep in mind.  The heart and soul of tridha bhakti lies in the involvement of the mind in devotion.

Unfortunately in today’s world, external behaviour takes precedence.  We say many things, but we hardly feel them from within.  For example, we often say “thank you” and “sorry” to each other, but we rarely feel gratitude or regret from within.  This may be a trend in the material world, but God says that such craftiness and deception is of no importance in the spiritual realm.  God says, “I will only consider the feelings in your mind”.  Hence, you may think you are engaging in chanting and hearing really well, but actually you may be practicing devotion merely with your material senses.  You may be hearing the Guru’s lectures with your ears and reciting prayers with your lips, but your mind could be wandering elsewhere.   There is no benefit of engaging in such devotion.

Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj teaches us to meditate upon God, which means we have to meditate upon the form of God.  Along with this we can also chant His Divine Names and Pastimes and sing kirtans that will be helpful in the remembrance of God.  Thus, foremost we have to engage the mind in remembrance of God and then involve the material senses in devotion. 

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  1. श्रीकृष्णं स्मरणं मनसा, वचसा सरस कीर्तनम् | श्रोत्रेण श्रवणं नित्यं, त्रिधाभक्तिर्गरीयसी || -- Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj