Sunday, 19 July 2015

Who can bestow divine grace upon souls?

There is no personality that can even think of showering divine grace as long as they remain under the bondage of Maya.  Why?  A soul under the control of Maya cannot grace anyone as he does not possess divine love; how will he possibly give it to someone else?  Secondly unless someone is graced by God he cannot even dream of gracing others.  All our physical relationsson, daughter, mother, father, etc. are deceiving us.  Although they are devoid of any spiritual property and are like beggars themselves, they claim to give us love.  Until such time as they receive God’s divine love, they should not even dream of helping anyone else, for they have no divine property and hence they are not authorized to bless you with love.

Therefore, all souls under Maya cannot even understand the meaning of the word GRACE or GRACE of God, what to speak of helping anyone else!

सबै भिखारी जगत के, जेतिक नातेदार |
दिव्य प्रेम आनन्द के, तुम इक साहूकार ||

“All worldly relations are beggars, begging for love from each other.  O my master! My All-in All! Only you possess this treasure of divine love.”

Thus, God and his devotees (Saint) are helpless to do anything else but shower grace upon suffering souls.

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  1. Very true. All our physical relations are temporary. Kripaluji Maharaj has explained this very nicely.