Thursday, 31 March 2016

God is our eternal relative

Our relationship with God is eternal. We do not have this kind of everlasting and endless relationship in this material world. Our material father, mother and son will die one day. They are not our real father, mother or relatives. Our true relationship is only with God.   Why is that?  This word sambandh, or relation, is made from the Sanskrit root bandh, with the prefix sam, and the suffix un.  It means eternal and complete bond.  Do you have such a bond with your father?  No, he passed away twenty five years ago.  And recently my mother also passed away.  One of my daughters has also died.  That means they were not your sambandhis. That is why all the scriptures strongly state:
vedaiśhcha sarvairamevavedyo
vedāñtakṛit vedavidevidevachāham

Shree Krishna says "Arjun! What do you have to understand from all the Vedas and Vedic scriptures? Only this much that your relationship is only with Me, and you must love Me exclusively." Lord Brahma says:

bhagavān brahma kārtsnyen triranvīkṣhya manīśhayā 
tadadhyavatsatkuṭastho ratirātman yato bhavet

He says, "I have churned the Vedas and the other scriptures three times and have come to the conclusion that they declare only one thing - Your eternal relationship is with Shree Krishna alone, and you have to love Him." Shree Maharajji says that God keeps on watching us and eagerly waits in anticipation, "When will this soul come to me and love me? I shall liberate him from all bondages that very instant, and bestow upon him the nectar of Divine love." Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu said:
                                                    tomār aham yadi kahe ek bār

Dear Soul! Just say it once with all your heart, "O Shree Krishna! Only you are mine." Not, "You are also mine and this material world is also mine."  Do not divide your affection between your material father at home and your eternal father, God.We could ask God, "You are never seen, and my father at home loves me dearly." God says, "Accept that you are mine." We can question again, "On what basis should we accept this statement?" God says, "Accept it on the basis of knowledge. Understand fully and decide firmly that you are not this material body but the eternal soul.  You will then realize that the soul's eternal relationship is only with God."

You will attain this knowledge of your relationship with God from the Guru.  Understand this from the Guru in various ways, so that you become convinced.  Then on the basis of this knowledge, you must repeated contemplate about your relationship with God.

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  1. आत्मा वाऽरे द्रष्टव्यः श्रोतव्योः मन्तव्योः निदिध्यासितव्यो......