Wednesday, 3 August 2011


The Vedas state:

“nayamatma ….” (Kathopanishad 1-2-23)

“tamakratum ….” (Kathopanishad 1-2-20)

These verses imply that God cannot be known even by the finest senses, mind and intellect. Yet, if God Himself bestows His Grace upon someone and equips him with his Divine power, then that fortunate soul comes to know the unknowable God; he also sees the invisible God.

With the same intent, the Bhagavad Geeta states:

“tat prasadat ….” (Bhagavad Geeta 18.62)

Shree Krishn says, “Arjun! Only through the Grace of God can you attain supreme contentment and His eternally blissful abode.” Later, when Arjun’s delusion was dispelled and he attained perfect knowledge, he accepted:

“nashto mohaha ….” (Bhagavad Geeta 18.75)

“O Shree Krishn! Only by your Grace was I able to permanently vanquish my ignorance and attain Divine knowledge.” It must be remembered that true knowledge can never be overcome by ignorance, just as light cannot be covered by darkness.

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