Wednesday, 12 October 2011


The goal of human life is to attain Divine love which is only possible with the Grace of God. To receive His Grace you have to wholeheartedly surrender yourself at His lotus feet and love Him selflessly. This is called divine love devotion. In fact our desired object, the Divine love, is Divine by nature which is beyond the material world, so there cannot be any direct approach to it, neither through our material intellect nor senses.

In this material world every person is born with certain tendencies and likings. As he grows, his likings take the shape of desires, and to fulfill those desires he works for his whole life. The life ends but desires never end. Everyone is devoid of real happiness, that is why they run after everything that pleases them.

This world has been created in such a way that every living being perceives two kinds of objects and situations; one is soothing to the senses and the mind, and the other is non-soothing. When a person perceives such an object which is soothing to his mind, his brain nerves feel a sweet comfort, and this feeling strengthens his faith that the world is sweet. This faithful imagination gives more imaginary pleasure which further multiplies his faith, and thus, this cycle of misunderstanding goes on forever.

You feel happy when you are having a good time, but at the same time your inner conscience declares a discontent that appears in the shape of a ‘desire to have more.’ The happiness that you receive from the world reaches to a certain depth in your mind, but the proclamation to receive total contentment comes from the very bottom of your mind which is next to your soul. Material joy, happiness, pleasure and felicity can never reach the very bottom of your heart and mind. There remains a big gap, and that gap can be observed by you if you sincerely think over it alone. This is the fact of life, and the truth of material happiness.

Material truth is the experience and perception of temporary discontented pleasures of the material life with a growing hope for future fulfillment that can never happen because ‘the present’ is always wholly or partially discontented. The Divine truth is God Himself Who is loving, kind, and friendly; Who is eternally yours and always with you in every situation.

Your innermost conscience is already desiring God’s love and His association. The moment your conscious mind begins to believe this fact, you begin to feel a kind of secure fulfillment in your life. This is the beginning of your spiritual life.

The nature of human mind is that it becomes attached to the object or person it faithfully remembers, and adopts the qualities of that where it is attached. When the mind is attached to material phenomena it develops only good and bad qualities, and always remains bound to the material dimension. When your mind is attached to God it develops devotional qualities and, in time, you may receive God realization with the Grace of God and your Divine Spiritual Master.
Thus, your ultimate goal of life is only God realization.

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