Sunday, 30 October 2011


While remembering Radha Krishn and meditating on Their Divine form, you have to chant Their name, virtues and leelas with tears of love and longing, and with a deep desire to receive Their Divine vision and Divine love. During devotion, loving meditation on Their form is most important. You may form Their image in your own mind according to your liking. You may take the help of a Deity or a picture of Radha Krishn. But, whatever form you create in your mind, you must have Divine feelings in that, because the body of Radha Krishn is always Divine and Blissful.

You can choose any form of Krishn (or Radha) from a newly born baby up to sixteen years of age and mentally decorate that form according to your desire and choice.

Along with the meditation on His form you should also remember His loving leelas and His virtues, just like: He is the true friend of every humble soul (deenbandhu) and a true companion to every fallen soul (patit pavan).

All the names, virtues, leelas, abodes and the rasik Saints of Radha Krishn are totally synonymous.

You should not have any worldly desire or even the desire of liberation from Them. You must only desire for Their selfless Divine love and Divine service.

You should always think that your Divine Beloved (Radha Krishn) and your beloved Master are always with you and are protecting you. Never ever think that you are alone.

All the time in your heart you must remember the name ‘Radhey Shyam’ or ‘Radhey Radhey.’

You have to keep yourself away from damaging thoughts and bad associations. They are: looking to another person’s fault; criticizing other devotees; desire for popularity; disappointment in devotion; laziness in doing devotions; and friendliness with such worldly people whose association may spoil your devotional feelings.

You have to keep yourself away from the spiritual transgressions related to the name, form, leelas, virtues, abode, associates, and the Divine love of Radha Krishn.

‘Only They are my everything,’ this feeling has to be strengthened in the mind.

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