Wednesday, 2 November 2011



In Bhagwad Geeta Shree Krishna tells Arjuna: “O Arjun!  Abandoning all concerns of religiosity and irreligiosity, simply surrender to Me.  Then I, who dispense justice to all, will cease to be a mere judge.  Bestowing My Grace, I will pardon all the sins of your innumerable past lives, and grant you liberation.”  This is the immense Grace of God?  In the world, even if a criminal surrenders himself to the law, he is made to suffer punishment for his past crimes.  But God is so Merciful that once you surrender to Him, He not only forgives all past deeds, but also bestows His Divine Bliss for the rest of eternity.  If this is not Causeless Grace, then what is?  Hence, the objection that God demands a price for His Grace is refuted.  If a washer man were to clean our clothes and not charge us for it, we would say that he has done us a favor, even though the clothes could become dirty again.  In comparison, when we surrender our mind and intellect to God, He cleans them forever, and that too, without any charge.  When a woman marries, she automatically becomes the owner of her husband’s property.  Similarly, when we surrender to God, we immediately become possessors of his unlimited Knowledge, Bliss and Love.

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