Thursday, 17 November 2011


Jag mah such dukh dukh dou nahi, As ur dhari le gyan |
Sukh mane dukh milat hai, Sukh na Jagat mah maan ||   Bhakti Shatak

There is neither happiness nor sorrow in the world, this knowledge shoul be firm in the mind. When we believe that there is happiness in the world, when it is snatched away from us, we experience sorrow.

The world is made up of Maya. Still there are 3 entities in it - 1. Brahm (God) 2. Jeev (Soul) and 3. Maya

The soul as well as Maya are powers of God. Maya is jad (lifeless) whereas the soul has is chetan (has life). The material mayic lifeless world is present in front of us, everyone also knows the soul. Only God is omnipresent but cannot be seen with the material eyes. The material world is meant for the utilization of the soul. So, the Vedas state that -

Bhokta Bhogya Preritaram cha Matwa proktam Brahmamenatatah || (Sveta. Up. 1-11)

You will say that is the material world is mean for the utilization of the souls then why are we told to practice detachment from the world? And why don't we experience complete happiness in the world? This material world is meant for the utilization of the world not over-involvement.

The bodies of the souls are material and the world is also material. So, for the material world is meant for the utilization to keep the bodies alive. But, the soul is divine. So,
Chinmatram Shri Hareransham Sukshmamsharamvyayam |
Krushnadhinmiti Prahujirvam Gyangunashrayam || (Veda)

Bhagwat states that -
Atma Nityovyayam Shudh Ekam Shetrajjam Aashrayamah |
Avikriyam Svadruga Hetuvyarpakosagyanavrutah || (Bhag. 7-7-11)

When the soul is an eternal divine entity, then its subject may also be divine. The material world cannot possibly be the subject of the divine soul. Naturally, every part naturally loves its whole. So, the soul is also naturally desiring the eternal divine unlimited happiness of God who is present everywhere in the world which is the subject of the soul.

The false sense of happiness that we experience in the world, is the result of the imagination of our mind. If we did not believe that there is happiness in the world then our sorrows would automatically be finished.

Everyone does not get the same amount of happiness from same thing in the world. When a person constantly forms a belief that there is happiness in an object or a person, he gets attached to it. Then, he desires that object or person. Then, in the fulfillment of that desire, he receives temporary happiness. This is the same reason why a beggar who is a mother receives happiness from her son even though he maybe squint and  ugly. A drunkard receives happiness from alcohol. A Pandit may not be able to stand the sight of alcohol and receive unhappiness from it. If there was happiness in alcohol then even the Pandit would have recieved the same amount of happiness from it.

Even the imagined happiness in the world is not equal for everyone. A thirsty person receives a lot of happiness from water and a lustful man recieves happiness from a lustful woman. This happiness also decreases with the passage of every moment. When a mother who has lost her infant since many days first finds him and embraces him for the first time after she finds him, she experiences tremendous happiness, then again in the second and thrird embrance the happiness decreases and then she may even feel detached from it.

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