Sunday, 20 November 2011


Patience, Humility, Modesty are all divine qualities, you should increase these. The more these qualities increase, the more your Sadhana has progressed and one person tells you a sentence and you are feeling it from within then you have not done Sadhana. You are under a false impression. You are merely uttering Ram Ram, Shyam Shyam, Radhey Radhey, this is not enough. (Always remember to do Roop Dhyan, bring God in your mind). Increase so much humility that you develop this hobby that someone criticizes you and you do not feel it. Someone says in front of you that you are selfish, cunning, a cheat and a miser and you are feeling happy - Yes, you are right. Only Hari and Guru should remain in your mind, there should be no other matter of Raag or Dvesh (Matter of Love or Hatred) in your mind. You all practice this for your own welfare and it will also make Me happy.

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  1. very interesting quotes.
    sadhna karte hue, thakur ji aur Guru ka bhajan karte karte ek avastha aisi aati ha ki dusra hume bura bhala kahe ja raha ha aur hum muskuraate rehte hain..but to reach there, we have to do his kirtan, then God/Guru will grace us with their divine qualities.......