Sunday, 27 November 2011


ब्रह्म,जीव, माया तत्त्व, गोविंद  राधे,
तीनों है अनादी अनंत बता  दे.
Brahm, Jeev, Maya Tattva, Govind Radhey. Teenon hai anaadi anant bata de

There are 3 eternal entities: God, soul and Maya. They have no beginning nor end. They are eternal and will always remain eternal. They haven't been created nor can be destroyed.

ब्रह्म जीव चेतन, गोविंद राधे,
ब्रह्म शक्ति जीव ,याते अंश बता दे.
Brahm Jeev Chetan, Govind Radhey. Brahm Shakti Jeev Yatey Ansh Bata De.

Supreme God and the souls are chetan, full of life. The soul is a power of God and it is an ansh or part of God.

ब्रह्म शक्ति माया जड़ , गोविंद राधे .
जीव माया शाषक ब्रह्म  बता  दे .
Brahm Shakti Maya Jada, Govind Radhey. Jeev Maya Shashal Brahm Bata De.

Another eternal power of God is Maya, which is lifeless. The governor of both Maya and the souls is God. They are both His powers and are governed by Him.

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